Indian names

Still don't have any first name inspiration for your future baby? Do you want a nice Indian name for a girl or a boy? You are on the right page. A moment of travel through a simple first name is possible, this list will transport your mind to new cultures.

A large number of Indian names come from 300 revered deities of the Indian world: Krishna, Shiva, Devi, Parvati... The Indian names have grown in importance during the development of the Bollywood film industry. In India, cinema is seen as a culture and an art. Some people identify themselves purely with the heroes and their powers.

Indeed, the Indian people have inspired some film directors like Mike Gabriel for the cartoon Pocahontas, a first name and a story straight from India. Why not you?

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The first names originating from India are particularly original because of their etymologies. In addition, their different sound systems transport you to this rich country. Don't wait any longer to discover them!