Celtic names

The Celts, a Hindu nation, as well as a predominantly European population, is also a form of language, which is still very widespread, like first names, in Ireland, Brittany as well as in the Scottish country. The Celts knew the presence of druids, bards of knights, warriors or even nobles.

Celtic first names include several origins: Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish and Breton. Indeed, many Celtic first names are derived from protohistory, being a period of prehistory, until the appearance of antiquity.

You will therefore understand that many first names have marked history as the presence of gods or goddesses according to the Gauls: Epona, a very protective goddess or Lugus, the god of war. On the Irish side, the children of Dôn (Gofannon, Amaethon, Gwydion, Arianrhod), a goddess with the power of light, fought against the giant children of Llyr (Bran, Manannan, Lug). These are names that were very common among the Celts.

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Many foreign parents have opted for first names straight from these many tribes. In France, some first names remain rare such as Aubree, Briac, Idrisse, Ioen or Ivy. We let you discover the rest of the list of names, most of which are very historical. Remember to consider the meaning of each person, as the first name may be a negative aspect, depending on the story they have been through.