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The name Olivia

A beautiful name for a little girl, Olivia is Olivier's most common female form. It is often matched with other first names to highlight its original sound. Among the celebrities Olivia, we have the actress Olivia Wilde and the model Olivia Palermo.

Olivia is a name of 6 letras that begins with the letter O and ends with the letter A. There have been 37 700 births of Olivia since 1 900 (average of 322 / year). There were 1 282 named Olivia born in 2 017. It's the year 2 015 which saw the most births of babies with this name. #28580

The name Olivia in the world

Figures and birth trends of the first name Olivia in the country France

37 700
since 1 900

1 282
in 2 017

2 015
was the peak year
of births

births / year
on average

Figures and birth trends of the first name Olivia in the country United States

453 036
since 1 880

17 929
in 2 018

2 014
was the peak year
of births

3 307
births / year
on average

If we look at the graph of the name Olivia, it seems that it is a recent one, knowing that it is only now beginning to be used in France. However, Olivia had already been assigned since 1900. But between that date and 1960, its rating fluctuated between 16 and 70 attributions. Olivia only reached a first peak of popularity in 1972 with 584 births, then another in 1981 with 935 births. In 2015, the number of girls with this name was 1,317.

The name Olivia had already been used in the United States since 1880. But, until 1975, it had never exceeded more than 900 births. Olivia had to wait until 1990 to become a popular name. Indeed, since that year, the births of Olivia have not stop increasing, going from 4,626 to 17,929 in 2018. But, it was in 2014 that this name reached its peak with 19,380 little girls named Olivia born.

Etymology, origin and meaning of name Olivia

It is easy to recognize that Olivia comes from olive. Its writing comes from "oliva", the name of this fruit in the Latin language. If we look at the symbolism of the olive tree, more precisely the olive branch, it means peace and the end of hostilities in many cultures.

When do we celebrate Saint Olivia? What day ?

This name, with Oliva, Olivette and Oliviane, is celebrated on March 5. This date commemorates Saint Olivia, a 2nd century martyr who lived in the city of Brescia in Lombardy.

Personalities of the Olivia

By her name, which symbolizes peace, Olivia displays a calm and relaxed temperament. This is what we would deduce from the first moments we spent with her. But in reality, Olivia is a person who tends to internalize her feelings through difficulties of expression. You rarely see a shadow of pain or anger on her face. However, when Olivia explodes, it is better not to stand in front of her. Beyond this complex character, Olivia is an inventive, curious person who loves to learn. It is not limited to a few areas, but to a more diversified field of knowledge.

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