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The name Ethan

The short name Ethan is not yet very developed in France but rather in the Anglo-Saxon countries. However, there are many stars named after them: actor Ethan Hawke, filmmaker Ethan Coen, ballet dancer Ethan Stiefel, New Zealand cyclist Ethan Mitchell or revolutionary Ethan Allen and designer Ethan Van Sciver. And if you have seen the films Mission : Impossible, you certainly know Ethan Hunt, the secret agent played by actor Tom Cruise.

Ethan is a name of 5 letras that begins with the letter E and ends with the letter N. There have been 58 065 births of Ethan since 1 989 (average of 2 074 / year). There were 3 525 named Ethan born in 2 017. It's the year 2 012 which saw the most births of babies with this name. #4320

The name Ethan in the world

Figures and birth trends of the first name Ethan in the country France

58 065
since 1 989

3 525
in 2 017

2 012
was the peak year
of births

2 074
births / year
on average

Figures and birth trends of the first name Ethan in the country United States

425 856
since 1 882

11 866
in 2 018

2 004
was the peak year
of births

3 154
births / year
on average

The name Ethan took a long time to spread in France. Indeed, it was only from 2000 that it began to gain importance with 228 births recorded; but this number remains relatively small. The curve then increased until 2010 before falling slightly in 2011 with 4,138 births. After that date, the statistics increased again until reaching a peak in 2012 with 5,002 births before returning to a downward trend.

In the United States, Ethan wasn’t as popular as we think. Indeed, we had to wait until 1990 to see a significant popularity for this name. From that date to 2004, the number of Ethan increased, from 7,007 to 22,146 births (which is its peak). But, since then, this name has been given to less and less little boys. Only 11,866 Ethan were registered in 2018, a very good number but still low for a name like Ethan.

Etymology, origin and meaning of name Ethan

Of Hebrew origin where this name means "strong" and "robust", Ethan is a name considered as Anglo-Saxon which qualifies an imposing and tall man. Ethan is also part of biblical names that have experienced a great rise at certain periods of history. Ethan appeared for the very first time in the Bible since Ethan is one of the descendants of Judah, son of Jacob. It is said that Ethan was a Levite who composed Psalm 89.

When do we celebrate Saint Ethan? What day ?

Ethan is celebrated on March 7, the date on which Nathan is also honoured. Saint Nathan was an Old Testament prophet sent to reason with King David of Israel who had fallen into murderous perversions.

Personalities of the Ethan

Dynamic and sociable, Ethan is very comfortable communicating with others and his character does not leave those he meets indifferent. Although he likes to put himself forward, Ethan is also a great listener and is always very good advice. His friends and family know that they can count on him in all circumstances. He is called upon in particular thanks to the intelligence and ambition he shows in his projects. But, by following his "Carpe Diem" doctrine, he sometimes tends to scatter and shows difficulties in keeping his long-term commitments.

With his friends, Ethan is the gang's joker. He is always there to make them laugh and entertain them. At work, Ethan's abilities are rewarded by the ambition of his projects and the pragmatism he presents. In his daily life, Ethan needs to clear his mind and dream of travel and adventure. He also takes good care of the people he loves et knows how to maintain good relationships.

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