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The name Noah

Noah is a short name, full of history and whose sound makes us travel. Among the famous people who bear this name are Yannick Noah, singer and tennis player, director Noah Baumbach, novelist Noah Gordon, photographer Noah Kalina and American actor Noah Segan.

Noah is a name of 4 letras that begins with the letter N and ends with the letter H. There have been 50 666 births of Noah since 1 976 (average of 1 236 / year). There were 2 710 named Noah born in 2 017. It's the year 2 008 which saw the most births of babies with this name. #11148

The name Noah in the world

Figures and birth trends of the first name Noah in the country France

50 666
since 1 976

2 710
in 2 017

2 008
was the peak year
of births

1 236
births / year
on average

Figures and birth trends of the first name Noah in the country United States

395 824
since 1 880

18 442
in 2 018

2 015
was the peak year
of births

2 889
births / year
on average

Noah has made a significant progress since 1900 in France. Indeed, growth was relatively slow until 2000 where only 265 Noah were born. From the same date, the number of Noah registered then increased considerably, peaking in 2008 at 4,045 births. A beautiful growth for this male name. But after 2008, there was a slight decrease in Noah's birth rate, which reached 2,710 in 2017.

In the United States, Noah has experienced the same story. From 1880 to 1970, the births of Noah have increased each year, going from 103 to 347. But, compared to other names, it was not very usual to meet someone named Noah. After 1970, this name gained more popularity, especially because there was a trend to give an original name to your kid. In only 7 years - from 1993 and 1999 - Noah became one of the most common name in the US, going from 1,520 births to nearly 15,000. Crazy, right ? Since then, Noah is a very widespread name in North America, reaching a peak of 19,772 attributions in 2015.

Etymology, origin and meaning of name Noah

Noah is the combination of Hebrew terms "nûah" meaning "rest" and "naham" meaning "comfort". Derived from the English name Noé, Noah is its Arabic version. This name is nowadays often chosen by parents attached to their roots and religion.

When do we celebrate Saint Noah? What day ?

Noah is celebrated on November 10, in honour of Saint Noah. In the Bible, he is the man who built an ark to escape the Flood with a couple of each animal species. Considered to be the ancestor of humanity, he and his family were the only ones spared from the disaster.

Personalities of the Noah

Noah is a person who has a taste for adventure and discovery. His courage and perseverance encourage him to take on new challenges and take risks. It is this desire to travel that encourages him to pursue nomadic careers such as sales rep, lecturer or even trainer/instructor. Noah is also a very sociable person who likes to share his ideas with others but who remains frozen on what he thinks. He knows how to defend his point of view. But his undeniable charm seduces many and he is considered a man of value and trust.

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